Nationwide Open House
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SCCAR Inside Real Estate Newsletter
Join the Santa Cruz County Association of REALTORS®, state and local REALTOR® associations across the country in hosting the nation's largest open house campaign Saturday and Sunday, April 20-21, 2013.

For one weekend in April REALTORS® will hold open houses in neighborhoods from coast to coast, bringing value to both buyers and sellers. The event also provides a tremendous opportunity to promote the benefits of home ownership and continue an open dialogue with consumers about the housing issues that matter most to them. While NAR is promoting this program nationally, SCCAR is doing the leg work locally.. Keep an eye out in the local media for coverage of this event!

The Goal? Invite your clients and any members of the general public to explore their local real estate market. Consumers will be assured that they can visit the open houses with no pressure to purchase, and that the REALTOR® on duty will be happy to answer their questions about the home buying and selling process.

Reasons to Participate
  • Historically low interest rates
  • An opportunity for one-on-one conversations between the public and Realtors® regarding the local market
  • A venue for REALTORS® to education the public about homeownership, their local community, and what options (buying vs. selling, downsizing, etc) are right for their potential buyers and sellers
  • Last year's Nationwide Open House event served as a catalyst for connecting Realtors® with buyer and seller clients
  • First-time buyers are especially encouraged to take advantage of this event and speak to a REALTOR® as a first step toward homeownership

Marketing Tools
There is NO charge to participate in the Nationwide Open House Weekend, but you know as well as we do...a successful open house is a well-marketed open house!

To assist in this effort, SCCAR has partnered with the Good Times and the SC Sentinel to offer Open House advertisements at a greatly reduced rate with bonuses! Get ultimate coverage for your listing and take advantage of both!

As a special promotion GOOD TIMES is reducing rates to promote your open house listings on April 20 & 21.
  • Display Ad: For as low as $65 you’ll receive a 2" x 3" display ad PLUS 3 open house classified line ad
  • Or just $15 for each open house classified ad
In addition, there will be a banner ad on GOOD TIMES website promoting Nationwide Open House Weekend. Clicking on this ad will link to all Open House listings, including photos (if available), and Google Maps. Contact Kelli Edward to reserve your space at 831-458-1100, x217

Sentinel rates coming soon!

Logos: download various logos for use in your marketing materials

Flier: To download the NOH flier, click here.

Balloons: SCCAR will provide blue REALTOR® balloons for use the weekend of the event (while supplies last). Contact SCCAR if you plan on participating.

Nationwide Open House Logo Guidelines
As you know, whenever the REALTOR® logo is used certain criteria that must be followed. Since the Nationwide Open House (NOH) Logo has the REALTOR® logo incorporated in the graphic NAR's trademark rules apply. If you plan to use the NOH logo, which everyone is encouraged to do, please make sure you are in compliance with all of NAR's trademark guidelines. Specifically note:

The REALTOR® logo is supposed to identify a member, a member's real estate business or the name of a member board

NAR's legal department would like to stress if the NOH logo is used without representation of a member board, member or member's real estate business it would be improper and a misuse. Please make sure a member board's logo or member's name, or member's real estate business name/logo is also included in any advertising piece.

Here are a few examples:

-NOH banner or logo displayed on an association or member's website.

-NOH banner or logo displayed in any marketing piece where it is used in conjunction with the name of a member board, member or member real estate business.

Not Allowed:
-Only the NOH logo used on any marketing piece (without representation of a member board, member, or member's real estate business) Facebook Twitter