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How Silicon Valley is Affecting
our Market

The Silicon Valley market typically affects our County within six months - what can we expect from market value, competition, creative offers, multiple offers, foreign investing/cash offers? It all affects us eventually, make sure you get the scoop ahead of time at the next MREP event on May 23 @ Nubo! >>>Please RSVP
Paragon Training
This class will focus on searching with maps, customizing data results to meet your specific needs, and communicating your findings to your client. Class date is Wed., May 23 at 10 am. >>>Free with RSVP
The Science of the Open House
Learn how to prepare for your next open house! Class date Wed., May 23 at 1 pm. >>>Free with RSVP
 May 23The Science of an Open House (MLS)
 May 23Paragon 201
 May 23MREP Event! How Silicon Valley is Affecting our Market
 May 24Tour Marketing Meeting
 May 28SCCAR Closed
 May 29Events & Community Relations Committee
 May 31Tour Marketing Meeting
 Jun 1SCCP: Water Resources
 Jun 7Tour Marketing Meeting
 Jun 8Duane Gomer License Renewal
 Jun 8Board of Directors Meeting
 Jun 11Education Committee