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REALTORS® and Affiliates volunteer their time to serve on committees and task forces of the Association. Committees and task forces are established to research and formulate policy for the ongoing operations of the Association. Chairs are selected by the President of the Association; committee members are appointed by the committee chairs. Committee Participation Forms are circulated to the membership in late summer for the following year to encourage participation for committee service from members willing to contribute time to their organization.

Affiliate Committee
The objective is to gather the collective talents of SCCAR Affiliate members to assist other committees with organization and promotion of Association social and educational activities, having Affiliate members to interact with REALTOR® members in the spirit of better business relations. All Affiliates are invited to participate. (Meets bi-monthly)

Budget & Finance Committee*
Serves as the fiscal arm of SCCAR by making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding all financial activities and requests for non-budgeted items. Additionally, the committee reviews the annual operating budget for Board of Director approval. Must be a REALTOR® member in good standing to serve. (Meets monthly)

Education Committee
Researches, plans and presents an annual agenda of industry-related seminars, events and/or workshops to meet the present and future needs of members working within the Association's Strategic Plan. (Meets monthly)

Events & Community Relations
Plans and promotes a variety of projects and events for SCCAR member participation. Organizes and implements the SCCAR annual golf tournament fundraiser, enabling the Association to make various donations to community organizations. (Meets quarterly)

Grievance Committee* This is a three (3) year term and requires mandatory training.
Review complaints seeking disciplinary action in accordance with the C.A.R. procedures. Only SCCAR REALTORS® member in good standing can volunteer to serve. (Meets as needed)

Local Government Relations (LGR)
LGR focuses on real estate-related issues and concerns affecting the real estate industry. Offers input on legislative matters, environmental and community issues that are of concern to property owners and REALTORS® with primary emphasis on local issues. Develops and maintains close relationships with legislators representing Santa Cruz County through frequent meetings and correspondence. (Meets once a month)

Modern Real Estate PROS (MREP) Committee
MREP's goal is to provide newer members in the real estate profession a platform to network and build relationships and increase awareness of SCCAR benefits and activities. MREP is a committee intended for REALTOR® members as a way to introduce them to organized real estate through Association involvement.

Orientation Committee
Plans and implements topics and programs presented to new SCCAR REALTOR® members at orientation. (meets twice a year) Orientation is held quarterly

Professional Standards Committee*
This is a three (3) year term and mandatory training is required.

Enforces the REALTOR® Code of Ethics by holding hearings of alleged violations. It is the role of the Professional Standards Committee to serve as panelists at disciplinary and arbitration hearings. Must be a SCCAR REALTOR® and have served on the Grievance Committee (Meets as needed)

SCCAR's Community Outreach Committee. The focus of this committee is participating in and planning events that benefit the less fortunate in our community. Help us make a difference to someone in need!

SCCAR Housing Foundation
A non-profit organization providing funds to help low income first time home buyers through grants and fundraising events. Term is 3 years. Meets monthly.

Strategic Planning Committee*
Reviews the SCCAR Strategic Plan or "Roadmap" for the association to ensure that it is advancing SCCAR's mission and vision. May require an off-site meeting

* Indicates that you must be a REALTOR® to serve on these committees Facebook Twitter